Moments that Mattered in 2013


Aloha! I spent this afternoon catching up with all of my favourite blogs, and I read that Hannah at Away with the Fairies is holding an iPad mini giveaway from Lloyds Bank, so I decided to enter because I’m cool.

To enter the competition, you have to write a post on your blog telling your readers about the moments that mattered to you in 2013. As I’ve wanted an iPad for ages (especially as I’m starting University in September) and was intending on writing a similar post about 2013, I’ve decided to enter! If you have been writing your own blog for over 3 months, you can enter too! (click here). 

I’ll start by saying that 2013 was definitely a big year for me. In January, I ended a bad relationship, so throughout the year, I became a lot more independent and did a lot of things that I really enjoyed, as well as working hard for my AS grades.

The summer of 2013 was one of the best I’ve had so far. At the end of June, I went to London with one of my friends for our work experience, and saw The Woman In Black on stage, which was amazing (and terrifying).  I saw my best friend nearly every day of the summer holidays, went to the beach a lot, and I got to sing at my music teacher’s wedding, which was one of most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed.

 Later on in the year, I had a few more awesome musical opportunities: I sang in a proper concert (as opposed to a school one), I sang the solo in our school Christmas Carol Service, and I got to sing on BBC Radio Devon! September was also an important month – I started my final year of school in the Upper 6th, became a Prefect and decided which University courses I wanted to apply for.

I turned 18 on Halloween, and I went to see Les Miserables (one of my favourite musicals) in the West End with my friend. It was definitely the highlight of my year, I literally could not contain my excitement to see Carrie Hope Fletcher play Eponine!

Thanks for reading,

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