My Latest Obsession: Lomography

My Latest Obsession: Lomography

Today I’ve decided to share my latest obsession with you: Lomography. I’ve wanted a vintage film camera for ages, but I never really thought about investing money in it – my iPhone + Instagram was enough for me. However, I’m going to Disneyland soon (très excited) and I really don’t want to take my expensive DSLR camera with me in case I lose it or break it. Plus it’s very big and I don’t want to take it on rides.

I decided that a camera by the popular Diana make would be perfect, and Urban Outfitters had a sale on their cameras, so I picked up this Diana Mini “superstar” camera for £35 (reduced from £55). It’s so tiny, which is perfect for taking on trips and I love the sparkly design. I also like how it takes regular 35mm film, and can take square Instagram-like pictures as well as half-frame shots.

I didn’t have any experience with film cameras previously, but I found this very easy to use. Needless to say, I am now obsessed with my Diana, like so many others!  I also purchased lomography colour negative 100 ISO film, which I’ve heard works great in bright sunlight, so it’s ideal for my outside Disneyland pics! I haven’t actually finished a roll of film yet, so I don’t have any developed photos to show you yet, but when I do I’ll make sure to write a blog post showing them.

Diana mini "superstar" lomography camera

If you are interested in the same Diana mini “superstar” camera, it is now reduced to £25 at Urban Outfitters here.  

In future, when I get better at this sort of photography, I’ll invest in a Diana F+ which is a bigger version that has more settings, and takes 120mm film (you can also get an adapter so it takes 35mm film). The reason I really want a Diana F+ is because you can get an adapter so it takes Polaroid instant pictures, which is pretty awesome.

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