Cute Accessories from Prairie Charms!

Cute Accessories from Prairie Charms

Yesterday I received the most adorable package in the post: a mystery bag from Prairie Charms, a handmade accessories boutique. The mystery bag cost me only £5 plus delivery, and everything I got was really cute! 

Cute Accessories from Prairie Charms

This is probably the prettiest parcel I’ve ever received – it felt like my birthday unwrapping it all!

Cute Accessories from Prairie Charms

The lovely people from Prairie Charms on Twitter asked me what my favourite colours were so they could personalise my mystery bag. I told them that I love purple, and they sent me this supeeeer cute hair bow that’ll match my purple dip-dyed hair perfectly!

Cute Accessories from Prairie Charms


The other hair accessories I got were these gorgeous black and gold hair bands, which is ideal because I like to tie my hair up for exams. The bee one is my favourite, I’ll definitely be wearing it all summer!


They also sent me a little pot filled with silver glitter, which will be ideal for the festival I’m going to in the summer – I can use it for eyeshadow, in my hair, and I might mix some with nail polish too. Although I did end up getting some of this over our kitchen table (and on my boyfriend) when I opened it!


Finally, I got some adorable paper straws with gold hearts printed on them. I haven’t opened them yet because I want to save them for a special occasion, they make me want to have a tea and cake party with milkshakes…

I’m really happy with these Cute Accessories from Prairie Charms I received in my mystery bag –  it was really exciting to open! If you’re looking for handmade hair accessories, cute things or a girly gift for someone, check out Prairie Charms. They also sell lovely packaging items like washi tape and ribbon, which are perfect for gifts or scrapbooking!

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