Aliexpress is a somewhat controversial website similar to eBay. They sell *very* inexpensive items from China, such as clothes, stationery and cute kawaii toys. I’ve seen several wishlist posts from bloggers featuring items from Aliexpress, but I’ve never seen a review, which made me slightly sceptical of the quality of products and the reliability of receiving items from sellers.

I decided to go ahead and order a few items from my wishlist to see how long they would take to arrive, and judge their quality then write a review post… The things we do for blogging! I didn’t spend much money so I wasn’t really concerned about being disappointed. 

Like every online store with individual sellers like eBay, Etsy and Taobao, of course there will be sellers that provide poor service or bad quality items, so I cannot judge the entirety of Aliexpress – I’ve only made a few small orders from 5 different sellers. However, I was happy with my purchases overall, despite a few minor issues.


Firstly I ordered a silicone phone case for my Oneplus One in a cute London design. I am so happy with it! This looks exactly like the picture advertised, and only cost £1.46 with free postage, which is insanely cheap! It took nearly two weeks to arrive, as expected, but definitely worth the wait! Nobody believes me when I tell them how cheap it was.


I was looking for a new purse (mine broke and coins keep falling out), and I couldn’t resist getting an adorable Plants vs Zombies themed one. This was the most expensive item I ordered, but still only £5.13 plus £3 postage, and it took the longest to arrive (nearly a month). The purse is really cute, but it had a noticeable black mark on the front (see the zombie’s eye in the picture), that wouldn’t come off. I sent a message to the seller about, hoping for a partial refund (I didn’t want to wait another month to receive a replacement), and they refunded me the full amount, including the shipping costs!


As I’ve gotten into scrapbooking recently (blog post here), I decided to get some washi tape and cute stickers to use. The Frozen bubble stickers were only 52p with free postage, and the glitter washi tapes were 55p, again with free postage. The Frozen stickers are so cute – as you can see, I’ve used most of them already. The washi tapes come in several different colours, which would be sent randomly if you don’t specify which ones you want, so I asked for blue and pink. However, I must have put the message in the wrong place or something, because I got sent two gold ones, and the seller insisted that they didn’t get a message from me. I don’t really mind because they were only 55p and the gold is pretty too, I just wish I got two different colours rather than two identical ones!Scrapbooking things can be expensive, especially here in the UK, so I’ll definitely be using Aliexpress for more stickers and washi tapes.


The final thing I ordered is some cute Alice in Wonderland nail decals, which were £1.16 with free postage. I’m crap at painting my nails, so I thought these would be fun to try. They work in a similar way to temporary tattoos, albeit slightly fiddly to apply, but they’re great as long as you use a topcoat! As you can see from the picture, I got so many sheets, with so many different designs. I like how they’ve used the different versions of Alice in Wonderland – the Lewis Carroll book illustrations, the Disney version and the Tim Burton film, along with some other cute Alice-themed designs.

I recommend Aliexpress for inexpensive, cute things if you’re willing to wait around 2 weeks for shipping from China. As with eBay, each seller has public feedback from buyers, so you can make sure you’re buying from someone reputable. I haven’t tried any clothes from there yet as I’m a bit cautious about quality and getting the right size (I’ve read that an Asian size medium equals a UK small?), but when I do order something, I’ll write a blog post on it.

Thanks for reading,