My watch was less than £2?



I’ve seen several blog posts about the ‘map watch’ that everyone seems to have right now, and I really wanted to get a similar one. I had a look on eBay and found it for only £1.59 with free delivery! They have several other designs, and I fell in love with the butterfly one. You can also choose the watch strap colour from white, black or brown. As it came from China, the watch took a few weeks to arrive, but I don’t mind that – it was only £1.59! 


Several people have mentioned my watch and asked where I got it, and no-one believes me when I say it was less than £2. The quality is pretty good considering the price, and although the battery probably won’t last ages, that doesn’t matter because I can just buy another one when it runs out.  I might get the feather design with a white strap,  or maybe I’ll give in to the trend and get the map one.

Of course, I can also use the watch to conveniently hide my wrist tattoo when I’m around my grandparents! (Hehehe)…


Thanks for reading,



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