Life on Instagram ?

28th May 2015

Life on Instagram. I’ve been living my life on Instagram recently, because my new MacBook charger still hasn’t arrived! I’m kind of improvising with blog posts until I can get back to what I had planned… I didn’t have anything to do today, so I decided to spend an hour sorting through my Instagram. I […]

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lifestyle | random

The Netflix Tag! 📺

27th May 2015

As I mentioned yesterday, my MacBook charger broke and I’m waiting for a new one to arrive, so I can’t transfer and edit any of my dslr photos for the blog posts I have planned. So I’m improvising today and decided to do the Netflix Tag, using some of the pics from my instagram edited […]

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london | music

Elvis at the O2 ♫

26th May 2015
Elvis at the O2 exhibition: 68 comeback special

I’m writing this blog post on my phone because my MacBook charger has died (again). Thankfully I uploaded a few pics before that happened, not all of the ones I wanted to show you, but that’ll just have to do. Everyone knows I’m a massive fan of Elvis Presley – I have tons of his […]

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Awesome Graphic T-shirts from Uniqlo

23rd May 2015

Whilst browsing Mallzee, the fashion app I wrote about the other day, I came across an awesome collection of Avengers graphic t-shirts from the brand Uniqlo. For £12.90 each, I couldn’t resist getting myself one (the last item of clothing I’ll buy for myself before the summer, I swear!).  I also had a browse through Uniqlo’s […]

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