5 Years of Topshop Beauty: Beguiled Lipstick

5 Years of Topshop Beauty: Beguiled Lipstick

5 Years of Topshop Beauty: Beguiled Lipstick

Hello! I was intending on posting this a few days ago, but figured I should spread my blog posts out a bit more! Anyway, recently Topshop celebrated 5 years of their beauty line by releasing a limited edition collection of popular products in cute rose gold packaging. I’ve never tried Topshop beauty before (shock horror), so I decided it was about time! I particularly wanted to try one of their lipsticks because I’ve heard so much about them, so I picked out Beguiled, a gorgeous wine red.

Red lipsticks generally don’t suit me because they’re too warm for my skin tone, but this dark one goes well with my dark hair and contrasts my pale skin. Honestly, Beguiled is probably the most flattering shade of lipstick I’ve ever tried.(my bathroom lighting makes the colour look a bit brighter than it actually is, and I think my mirror needs a clean so I’m sorry! PS. how cute is my t-shirt?)

The box says ‘matte lipstick’, but I wouldn’t say Beguiled is completely matte. It has a pretty sheen, as you can see in the swatch below:

5 Years of Topshop Beauty: Beguiled Lipstick

I am impressed with the pigmentation and lasting power of Beguiled, it stayed on after a cup of tea and a kiss from my boyfriend – more than I can say of my other lipsticks, including Benefit ones! I’ve never tried Mac before, but I imagine that Topshop lipsticks definitely rival theirs. This is my new favourite lipstick, I love the colour, and it kind of stains your lips so they look pretty even when it starts fading. For £8, it’s totally worth it! I’ll definitely be looking at more Topshop Beauty products.

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