Penguin “Little Black Classics”

This is my first blog post since changing my blog name! It feels weird, but awesome. Anyway, I briefly mentioned in my book giveaway blog post that I ordered a load of the new Penguin “Little Black Classics”. Penguin have released 80 classic books for only 80p each to celebrate their 80th anniversary. Did I mention that they’re only 80p?! Insane. 

Penguin "Little Black Classics"

I would probably order all of them if I could, but for now I decided to get several Classics (Greek and Roman) books because I study Ancient History at Uni, and a few other books that I’ve been wanting to read for a while.

The Classics-related books & poems I got are:

  • Jason and Medea, by Apollonius of Rhodes
  • Socrate’s Defence, by Plato
  • Caligula, by Suetonius
  • Come Closer, by Sappho
  • Circe and the Cyclops, by Homer
  • I Hate and I Love, by Catullus

Penguin "Little Black Classics"

The books I decided to treat myself to:

  • The Night is Darkening Round Me, by Emily Bronte. I just know I’m going to love this poetry collection, Emily Bronte is one of my favourite writers.
  • The Beautifull Cassandra, by Jane Austen. These stories were written by Jane as a teenager!
  • The Great Fire of London, by Samuel Pepys. I remember reading this diary when I was a child, and couldn’t resist getting myself a copy.
  • How to Use Your Enemies, by Baltasar Gracian. I bought this on a whim, as I’ve not really heard much about it before, but it should be interesting.
  • The Yellow Wall-Paper, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. My A-level English Literature teacher always told me to read this, but I never got around to it.
  • My Dearest Father, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. (I love him.)

I can’t wait to start reading these as soon as my exams are over! The classical music nerd inside me is really keen to read My Dearest Father, a collection of letters that Mozart wrote to his father.

Have you picked up any of these? I think it’s a great idea from Penguin – hopefully it inspires more people to read Classic books and poetry! The tiny size of these Little Black Classics are perfect to fit inside a handbag without taking up much room for reading on-the-go.



P.S. Have you entered my Penguin Young Adult Fiction giveaway yet?