10 Reasons I’m a Bad Beauty Blogger

10 Reasons I’m a Bad Beauty Blogger

Firstly I just want to say that I’m more of a ‘lifestyle’ blogger than a beauty blogger, because I do post a lot of random sh*t on here sometimes, and I like to write about fashion, stationery and other stuff as well as beauty products… but I consider myself to fit into the beauty blogger category to some extent, and I thought this would be a bit of fun, so here 10 reasons that I’m a ‘bad’ beauty blogger…

1. I don’t have a schedule. Some bloggers post religiously every day (kudos to you, but I’m a student and struggle to find the time!), or they have set posting days like every Wednesday and Sunday or something. I like the idea of a schedule to stay organised, but I like to spontaneously write and post blogs, and sometimes life gets in the way so I don’t want to force myself to have a schedule.

2. I don’t have any super high end products. Okay I have a lot of Benefit products, some Bare Minerals and some Liz Earle skin stuff, but I mostly stick to cheaper products like The Body Shop or whatever I find in Boots or Superdrug. I’d love to try Nars, or own an Urban Decay palette, but I just can’t afford it right now.

3. I don’t despise face wipes! It seems to be a ‘thing’ in the blogger world to hate face wipes like they’re the spawn of Satan, but I think they’re great for festivals, travelling and getting stubborn mascara off! I use them to clean up any makeup mistakes that happen sometimes (I’m terrible at liquid eyeliner!), or if I’ve come home tired and drunk from a night out!

4. I don’t watch beauty YouTubers. There are a few beauty YouTubers that I watch (more on the fashion side of things though like Beckii Cruel), but mostly I like inspirational videos like those from Carrie Hope Fletcher, funny videos like Jenna Marbles, or musicians like Alice Kristiansen (she has the voice of an angel). If I want beauty reviews or monthly favourites, I’d much rather read them on a blog!

5. I don’t rush to buy the latest releases / hyped products. Okay sometimes I fall for the hype, particularly when it comes to Benefit (their packaging is too cute!), but mostly I don’t rush out to buy a new product, or spend a lot of money on a hyped product like the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Perhaps if I had more money I’d spend a bit more on makeup, but for now I’m happy with what I have and want to use up my products before buying new ones.

6. I don’t wear makeup every day. Sometimes I can go a week without wearing any makeup, and if I’m just going to the shops, or seeing family / my boyfriend, I’ll just wear a bit of my Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream, sort out my unruly eyebrows a little bit and put some mascara on, that’s all. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t blog about makeup, because I don’t really wear enough! (I have no idea how to contour and I make a mess with eyeshadow).

7. I suck at doing nails. I can barely paint my own nails, let alone do a pretty design or something. Plus they’re really short because I play guitar… I’d never be able to review nail polish, because I’d hate to post a picture!

8. I hate taking selfies. Maybe one day I’ll get over this, but I don’t like how I look, and I feel too narcissistic taking pictures of my face to show makeup products, or putting selfies on Instagram, and I feel like I never look nice in photos. (This is one of the reasons I’m more of a ‘lifestyle’ blogger than a ‘beauty’ blogger I suppose!)

9. I don’t have a skincare routine. This may be a bit shameful to admit, but I don’t have a set routine for my skin. I’m only 19, so I don’t need to worry about wrinkles or anything, and I only get spot breakouts during a certain time of the month, so I don’t really do much to my skin or use any treatments. Before you freak out, I do wear suncream if I’m out in the sun, and I wear moisturiser on my face underneath makeup. Other than that, I just wash my face with Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, and do a face mask once in a blue moon.

10. I do pretty much nothing to my hair. I have a mess of curls, so most days I just leave it alone. It literally takes an hour to straighten, and I could never ever blow dry it, because it turns into a massive ball of frizz (and yes, I’ve tried a diffuser). So I just wash it, leave it to air dry, and that’s that. I see all these hair tutorials on blogs, and maybe one day I’ll try something new, but not today.

Am I the worst beauty blogger ever?!

Thanks for reading,emilysig

  • Holly Reed

    Omg I love this! I can relate to it so much! When I started out on YouTube I tried so hard to be like the rest. In the end I was like feck it! Its paying off mind you! 😀
    I loved this!

  • Ahah awh I can relate! Though most of the me ‘not doing things’ is because I’m too lazy.. Though I will say that a skincare routine *is* really useful if you find the right one for you!

    Fii || little miss fii

  • all of these are me. I love face wipes, and my nails are never painted. I wear makeup maybe 2 days a week for a small part of the night.


  • Chi Obinna

    Loool this is soooo me, I only ware make up on Sundays and events. So I post mostly on how to take care of your skin rather than make up tutorials.


    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t bother with makeup every day!

  • i swear by face wipes! xx