Byron Hamburgers

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been ill this past week, so to cheer me up, my boyfriend decided we should go to Exeter to see the new Ted 2 film, which was hilarious and definitely worth seeing. Afterwards we were starving, despite the popcorn and Tango Ice Blasts, so we decided to check out the Byron Burger in PrincessHay. 

Being in London for university, I’ve seen and tried several burger restaurants, including Meat Liquor and Five Guys, but for some reason I’d never tried Byron’s before. I ordered a simple cheeseburger with American cheese (you can choose which cheese you want, which is pretty cool!), and my boyfriend got a fancy ‘Le Smokey’, which has bacon and all sorts in it. Byron cook their burgers medium, but I prefer mine to be medium-well, and they were happy to oblige!

Byron Hamburgers Chips

We couldn’t resist getting a side of homemade skin-on chips to share, and they were delicious. I’m not a fan of french fries, so these were great alternative – we ate them very quickly!

Byron Hamburgers Oreo Cookie MilkshakeAs for drinks, we both decided that milkshakes were necessary, and went for the Oreo Cookie ones, which were amazing. I don’t know if I preferred the burger or this milkshake! I couldn’t finish it, because it was massive and like drinking ice-cream, but I certainly tried. If you ever go, I definitely recommend getting a milkshake.

I’m really impressed with Byron’s, they definitely sell ‘proper hamburgers’! The decor and staff were really nice, our food and milkshakes arrived quickly, and we certainly enjoyed the meal. Overall our meal came to around £30, which is a bit pricey for students, but it was worth it for a treat. Honestly I prefer the taste of Five Guys burgers, but Byron’s is definitely a place I’d return to for a meal and a milkshake!