Free Handwritten Fonts by Emily Underworld


I’m pretty sure I haven’t mentioned this in a blog post before (with the exception of my About Me page), but did you know that I create free handwritten fonts?

They aren’t the best, but a while back I decided to get a graphics tablet and make a few handwritten fonts. I’d completely forgotten about them, until I checked my DaFont page a while ago and realised that the 5 fonts I uploaded had 41,734 downloads! Pretty cool huh?

I definitely want to work on creating more handwritten fonts, and improving the quality of them – I’m not an expert yet, but these are a start!

La Carmella font

La Carmella is the first font I made, using a pen and paper with MyScriptFont (which anyone can use for free!). The process of doing this is easy, but I prefer making my own fonts with a graphics tablet, because you can tweak and perfect them!

LC look with your heart font

LC Look With Your Heart is a cute Valentine’s-themed font with little hearts drawn around the letters. This is the most popular font I’ve made – it’s had 20,715 downloads so far!

LC Daisy font

LC Daisy is a simple handwritten font with a cute little daisy on the ~ key! The ‘LC’ in these fonts stands for La Carmella, because that’s what my old blog name used to be!

LC scribbles

LC Scribbles was definitely the most fun to make! It’s a messy handwriting, similar to many other fonts, but I wanted to create my own version!

The fifth font I’ve uploaded is a font I made out of my little brother’s handwriting! It’s called Ned’s Writing, we made it because he wanted to have a go! I’ve made around 4 other fonts that I haven’t uploaded yet because I’m still improving them, but I thought I’d share the ones that have been lingering on my DaFont page since 2013! You can head over there to download them for free.


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