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Last week I wrote about a summer blog collaboration that I’m taking part in, called #WeBlogSummer. I completely forgot to write this week’s post (off to a great start), until last night when I checked my emails after a weekend at my boyfriend’s house!

The topic of Week 2 is ‘Summer Holidays’, which is quite a challenge because I’m not going on holiday this summer (sad face). I’ll be envious reading the other bloggers’ posts about their holidays! Despite not having an exciting trip abroad planned, my boyfriend and I are doing some fun things this summer before he starts his study abroad year in California and I go back to King’s. We’re going to a festival in Cornwall at the beginning of August, followed by a trip to London to see the Green Day musical ‘American Idiot’ to celebrate his 20th birthday, both of which I’m really excited for.

Other than that, I’ll be spending my time off university enjoying the sun, reading, playing with my fancy new Sony camera, and watching Prison Break with endless cups of tea and my boyfriend!


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