beatles-vans (3 of 8)Like pretty much every other girl right now, I’m lusting over the Disney Vans collection, but I just can’t justify the price tag right now (I’m a poor student!).

So I was browsing Vans on Amazon, and I realised that they did a Beatles collection a while back, which is literally perfect for me. Office were still selling them on their Amazon store, so I couldn’t resist ordering some. The best part is, the “Sk8-Hi” ones I wanted were only £20, which is crazy for brand new Vans! 

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I’ve never had Vans before, I’m more of a Converse gal, but I’m really impressed with the quality, and I love the design! Each side of the shoes features a Beatle face, in the cartoon Yellow Submarine film style, and the tongues have the logo on.

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I love these shoes, and I can’t believe I got them for only £20! The box is really cool too, I’m definitely going to keep it.

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