dragonfly-emily-underworldHi! Today I’m announcing a fun new project that I’m going to be involved in this summer. Myself and a few other bloggers are doing a blog series until the end of August called #WeBlogSummer. The idea was Sophia’s: we all write a blog post about a summer-related topic, schedule it for Mondays at 7pm, then link each other’s posts and have a chat on Twitter with the #WeBlogSummer hashtag.

To start things off, we’re talking about 5 things we’re excited for this summer, so here’s mine: 

  1. A Festival! My boyfriend and I are going to Boardmasters Festival in Cornwall by the sea, which is going to be awesome (if it doesn’t rain the whole time). The line-up is pretty good, including Bastille, Hudson Taylor, and some other bands I’m keen to see.
  2. American Idiot in the West End. I’m a big fan of Green Day, and was gutted when I missed out on seeing American Idiot the musical when it was on Broadway. I watched the documentary on Netflix, and it looks pretty damn good. Then I found out on Twitter that they’re doing a West End version this summer, so we instantly went online and booked tickets to see it in August… plus it’s an excuse to go back to London for a few days!
  3. Starting YouTube. I’ve been getting ready to start posting acoustic music covers / my original songs on YouTube! I’ve been quite ill recently, so I haven’t been able to sing, but as soon as I’m better I’ll start recording! I’ve already created my channel and got a microphone, so I’m ready to go!
  4. Reaching 400 followers on my blog. I’m so close to a Bloglovin’ milestone and I hope I’ll get there soon (less than 10 followers to go), and when I do I’m excited to host a giveaway!
  5. Spending more time on my blog & social media. Now that I’m not at university until September, I have plenty of time to write blog posts, take part in Twitter chats, pin to my heart’s content and upload blue pictures to Instagram (I have a blue theme). I’ve been reading a few books about blogging and social media, which have been really helpful. Of course, I need to have a break now and again to enjoy the lovely summer weather!

I’m excited to be involved in #WeBlogSummer because I’ve never done any blog collaborations before, and I love getting involved with the blogging community and having a chat on Twitter! I can’t wait to work on my posts for each week, and read everyone else’s.

Links to other blogger’s first #WeBlogSummer posts:

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