The Cutest Pyjamas! ?

despicable me unicorn pyjamas

Recently I was looking for some cute new pyjamas for uni, and found these adorable Despicable Me fluffy unicorn ones in Primark. Cute and fluffy unicorn pjs to keep me warm in my student halls, how could I not get them?! I love the “It’s so fluffy” quote from Agnes on the front, she’s my favourite character (except for Gru of course!)

It turned out that getting these was perfectly timed, because I joined a Twitter sleepover for bloggers that night! (yes, that’s a thing). Vix and Tamzin held a Twitter sleepover for all of us #gbloggers (the ‘g’ is for gorgeous!) on the Friday before last. We had such a fab time on Twitter sharing our cute pyjamas, ugly selfies and gossiping, then had a hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity online. It was one of the best nights I’ve had in ages, and so many of my favourite bloggers got involved and stayed up late chatting away!

Kate Moss Rimmel Nude Lipsticks

Anyway, Vix and Tamsin gave away a few prizes throughout the night, and I won the prize for cutest pyjamas! I’m so grateful to them for the prize I received in the post this morning, which is two lovely Kate Moss Rimmel nude lipsticks in the shades 40 and 45.

The #gbloggers Twitter sleepover was a great night, I hope there’ll be another one in future, or maybe a real life sleepover! If you’re looking for cute pyjamas, Primark is the place to go. I also got some cute Harry Potter ones!

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  • B Shannon

    Oh gosh they are ADORABLE, Ah I bet they’re so comfy… I love Primark PJs, I think they’re amazing quality and keep you so warm and cosy, I’m deffo gonna be going there for some new ones, especially for these colder months!

  • They are so cute! Also loving the Kate Moss RImmel colours she definitely knows best!

    • I love them, and yeah the Kate Moss lipstick colours are great!

  • Those pj’s are just adorable! No wonder you won the cutest pj’s! I have to walk past the bedwear section in primark because I can NEVER leave without at least a little something!

    Kim x And On That Note She Wrote|Join Me On Bloglovin

    • Haha thanks! They have such cute pjs, I can’t believe I never got any there before

  • Glad you enjoyed it! Still absolutely love those pjs! xx

  • I loooove these pyjamas! I get so excited when all the winter pyjamas come out in Primark! I end up buying like 10 pairs of fluffy ones and 5 onesies x

    Georgina | Rent or Chanel?

  • Izzy

    IT’S SO FLUFFY!! Playing Cards Against Humanity with some of the gbloggers was so much fun!

    xx Izzy | Qthee

  • Things Sarah Loves

    How cute are these PJ’s??!! I love them!

    Sarah xx

  • kitmichele

    Haha how cuuuuuute! Must feel so comfortable! XD


  • The Kate Moss lipsticks look so pretty! I love that pink packaging as well! How would you say the quality is?

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’

  • Alexandra

    That’s adorable! The lipstick look great, specially number 40 🙂 I really need to check them out. x