Last Tuesday I was supposed to have my first lecture of my 2nd year at uni, but for some reason the lecturer didn’t show up. Of course everyone was a bit annoyed about travelling into central London expecting to learn about the Romans, with no email or notification about that lecture not happening. Anyway, some of my flatmates are new to London so I decided to text them and ask if they wanted to go to the British Museum (I study Classics), and they were keen. Of course we also had to visit Hamleys, The Disney Store and Forbidden Planet, and I couldn’t resist getting a few things…


I’ve been searching for a deck of playing cards for a while, because no one in our flat has any and they’re essential for drinking games. These Star Wars Episodes 1-3 cards were only £5 in Hamleys – perfect!


Continuing with the Star Wars theme, I wanted to get everything in the Disney Store’s new collection, but settled on a few cute Chewbacca items. I looked like a bit of an idiot trying on a boys age 13 Chewbacca hoodie, but it’s adorable and thankfully it fit me! The cashier asked me who I was buying it for and I was like “umm… me?!”


I also got the Chewbacca backpack, which is ideal for carrying my uni books, and it even has a removable fluffy hood! This was only £15, also from the kid’s section.


My flatmate told me about Forbidden Planet, which is literally the ultimate nerd / fandom shop, and walking distance from the British Museum. We decided to head down and I can’t believe I’d never heard of this shop before! I was fangirling over so many things, but limited myself to a few Adventure Time goodies. I stupidly didn’t bring a tea towel to uni, so I immediately grabbed a ‘Makin’ Bacon Pancakes’ one (bacon pancakes are my favourite food other than pizza!). I also got some really cute iron-on patches for my denim jacket, which is covered in patches of my favourite things.


Finally, I realised that I still had money on an H&M gift card that my mum got me for my birthday last year, so I picked up an adorable unicorn jumper. H&M always has the cutest designs, and this was only £12.99.

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