Beauty Products I Wouldn’t Repurchase


I usually try to keep my blog a positive place, sharing the things I love and what makes me happy, but I figured a post about products that I dislike would be useful. I like to read posts like this, so hopefully you do too! These are of course only my opinions, everything I mention could work well for you, but they just weren’t right for me.


Makeup Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquer in Rush

Typically I love Makeup Revolution products, especially their eyeshadows, so I tried out a vivid liquid blush in the shade Rush. Honestly, I can’t get along with it at all. The colour is very vivid, as described, but it’s just so bright it looks ridiculous. When I tried to blend it out, I ended up with bright pink practically all over my face. You have to use a very tiny amount of the product, which is difficult to achieve, and every time I’ve attempted to use it, I end up using a face wipe and applying a different blush. Perhaps this would work for darker skin tones, but I’m not sure.


B. Radiant Illuminating Foundation

I bought this on a whim when I was looking at makeup in Superdrug a few months ago. I usually stick to my Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream because that works amazingly for me, but I thought a foundation could be nice for nights out / events, and this one caught my eye. There’s nothing wrong with it, it works nicely, but I just don’t like the dull-looking finish it gives, especially as it’s meant to be ‘radiating’. The palest colour is also slightly too dark for my skin, and you need to be cautious about it looking cakey and blend a lot. It’s just too much work for me, when a BB cream looks nicer and takes much less time. If you need a bit more coverage than me and aren’t so pale, this foundation might be great for you.


Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask

Okay so let me say that I love Liz Earle products, but for the price of this mask, it’s not amazing compared to cheaper alternatives. I do like it, but it’s not good enough to repurchase, when I can get a similar one from the Body Shop.


Expensive Mascaras: Benefit ‘They’re Real’ & Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’

Both of these mascaras are really good, especially Benefit’s They’re Real, but I just can’t justify that much money on a mascara! The Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara is great too, albeit a little clumpy and not as easy to apply. I find both of these quite difficult to get off as well, which isn’t fun at the end of a night out! There are so many mascaras from cheap brands like Maybelline, Seventeen or Rimmel that work just as well in my opinion.


Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo is definitely a ‘blogger favourite’, and I can see the perks for festivals etc (which is what I bought mine for), but I wouldn’t use this in normal daily life – I wash my hair every 2-3 days and that’s fine for me. I also find it leaves my hair looking dull and almost chalky, which is not what I want! These are obviously great if you’re going to a festival or something, but they’re a bit pricey to be honest, and I’ve heard that Wilkos make their own cheaper ones that work just as well!

Are there any products you wouldn’t repurchase?

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  • B Shannon

    Love these types of posts, so interesting! Shame about the Makeup Revolution product, I love that brand, but the product does seem like it would come out too bright! x
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

    • Yeah I love Makeup Revolution too, but that blush just wasn’t for me!

  • Shame about Batiste! I know what you mean about the chalkiness though. I hate that. I really like the Tresemme ones 🙂

    Ashleigh x

    Being Ashleigh – Lifestyle, Food, Photography and Fashion blog ♡

  • Megan Roisin

    I’m not a big fan of Batiste either, I don’t like the chalky finish. If you want to try a different dry shampoo Garnier do a really nice one scented of lemon and green tea and it’s great; just does a good job of refreshing things up a bit without leaving grey in your hair 🙂

    Megan x

    London Callings

  • I’m not a fan of batiste either! x

  • Natasha Anne Chaudhary

    I’m also not a big Batiste fan as I wash my hair quite often due to getting so sweaty at the gym. I do love Benefit’s They’re Real mascara but No7 do a cheaper alternative here: and I bet that Maybelline’s Lash Sensational is pretty awesome and its a good price too! Just haven’t jad chance to purchase it just yet! Great post hun x

  • Carolin

    I’m not a fan of Batiste either. I saw a lot of bloggers raving about it and I got the chance to try out a volume lifting spray (the pink one of their collection). It was horrible! It glued my hair together and made it dull and heavy. Even after washing it out my hair looked greasy. It ended in the bin after 4x of use. Haven’t tried the Better than sex mascara yet but I’ve got one waiting in my makeup bag.

    Caz | Style Lingua

  • annie Lizstan

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