What better way to feel better after a bad week than picking up a few new products from Boots?! I had a fair amount of points on my Advantage Card, so I had a look around the huge store on Oxford Street and picked up a few things…loreal-infallible-24hr

I don’t actually own any foundation (I use BB cream from the Body Shop usually), and I’ve been meaning to try out a new one. I usually don’t buy products recommended by YouTubers because of all the sponsorship and whatnot, but Zoella recommended the L’Oreal Infallible 24Hr foundation and for £9.99, I thought I’d give it a go. I think this will be great for a night out, but it’s a bit heavy for every day use for me, as I’m used to tinted moisturisers and BB creams. I got the palest shade, 120 Vanilla, which is still too dark for my skin tone unless I blend it out a lot. I haven’t worn this outside yet, so I’m a bit scared of looking like a fool! I do like the finish it gives, but I wish they made lighter shades.


Ever since I heard about the Library of Fragrance, I’ve been desperate to try out one of their perfumes. I didn’t order one online because I like to smell perfumes before I buy them, and I found out that they stock a few of their bestselling scents in Boots. I’ve always been drawn to vanilla fragrances, so I instantly picked up the Vanilla Ice Cream one and fell in love with it. I cannot explain how delicious this smells! This is probably the loveliest perfume scent I’ve ever had (I do love Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck too though), and I will definitely be checking out more of them. Plus these perfumes are only £15, so they’re totally affordable.


Finally, I had a wander around the clearance section and found this Sensationail gel colour in ‘Rose Gold Glitter’ for only £3 because the box was damaged. I recently received a Sensationail set at a blogging event, so I’ve been eager to get another colour to go with my Pink Chiffon shade, and this Rose Gold glitter would be perfect to go on top! These gel nail polishes aren’t cheap, so £3 was too good to pass up.

Thank-you for reading,emilysig