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I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Instagram. A lot of the time I forget to use it, or don’t have any decent photos to post, but this past week I’ve been loving it. I guess you could say I’ve started a kind of blue / pale / white theme, with lots of architectural pictures of London.

Recently on Instagram

#1: Tree artwork outside the RA. On Wednesday I wandered around London with my Grandad, looking at art galleries and museums (we’re so cultured), and I liked this display of ‘trees’ made from pieces of wood by Ai Weiwei.
#2: Lions in the V&A. That same day, we went to the Victoria & Albert museum (one I’d never been to before!), which was amazing! I really recommend going if you haven’t been.
#3: A cast of Trajan’s Column. I study Classics, so I feel like a bit of a fool for not knowing that the V&A have a cast of Trajan’s Column! I wrote about this in my Art & Archaeology exam last year, but never actually saw it until now.
#4: Tower Bridge. This is probably my favourite bridge in London, I love the blue details… so pretty!
#5: Spaced Out. I’ve been wearing this jumper from H&M a lot recently; I did an OOTD post featuring it a few days ago.
#6: Never Mind The Bollocks. My favourite section of the V&A museum featured lots of music / theatre memorabilia, including some beautiful costumes, and the original Sex Pistols art.

Feel free to check out my Instagram if you want, but I think I’ll always be more of a tumblr girl!

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