Spaced Out | OOTD


Hello! I said I’d be posting more fashion, so here we are with another outfit of the day… I got this really cute space print jumper with the words “Spaced Out” printed on the front, and I can’t stop wearing it. 


This jumper was £19.99 from H&M, and it’s really good quality. I hope the text doesn’t come off in the wash!


Apologies for my awkward posing, I’ve not really got the hang of this yet! The skirt I’m wearing is the tennis skirt from American Apparel in lilac that everyone has, but I love it. I’ll have to keep practising with these outfit photos, but it’s fun to try something new on the blog.

Thank-you for reading,


  • I love the pose 🙂 great jumper too x

  • Kirsty Baker

    Such a cute jumper, I love H&M. Outfit posts are a funny one, I’m still not used to ‘posing’ for them, I always feel awkward haha. You look fab though xx

    • Thank-you! Yeah, I don’t know if it’ll ever get less awkward! x

  • Your posing is just fine. And your outfit is so cute./love Ida

  • Hollie

    love your jumper,it’s fab and also your skirt too.Perfect outfit tbh x

  • Faye Jones

    Love your jumper – anything galaxy print is a winner with me!

    Faye x

    i wish i could wink