Hyde Park Winter Wonderland!

25th November 2015

Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland opened a few days ago, and I was keen to see it, so when my friend was feeling a bit down last night, we went and spent a few hours wandering around and taking a ridiculous amount of photos. It definitely cheered us up, it was so pretty and totally festive!

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The Cereal Killer Cafe

19th November 2015

On Monday, my friend and I decided to go and explore Shoreditch a bit because we both had a free afternoon. I go to Camden a lot, but hadn’t really been to Brick Lane, or Shoreditch in general other than clubbing. I’d read that the biggest vintage store in Europe, Blitz London, is there so […]

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100 Things To Do Before High School (+ Giveaway!)

17th November 2015

I’m one of those people who likes to have a tv program or music on in the background while studying, tidying, getting ready, eating food… basically all the time. This means I always end up running out of things to watch and looking for new tv shows, particularly light-hearted funny ones. Anyway, Nickelodeon asked if […]

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A Night time Stroll in London

11th November 2015

After the firework display in Victoria Park on Saturday, my friend and I decided to venture into Holborn for dinner, followed by a cute night time stroll in London. I took lots of photos during our little wander, so I figured I’d share them on the blog. We ended up walking past Somerset House, over Waterloo bridge, […]

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Seventeen Products I’m Loving

10th November 2015

I wrote a post in September about the products from Seventeen that are perfect for Autumn, and today I’m sharing a few more Seventeen items that I’ve been enjoying. In the other post, I got to review a Stay Pout lipstick in the shade Rule Breaker, and because I loved it so much, Seventeen were kind enough […]

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BlanX Teeth Whitening Review & Giveaway!

9th November 2015

Good morning! BlanX got in contact and asked if I’d like to review some of their teeth whitening products and run a giveaway, so of course I said yes. They sent me three of their non-abrasive whitening toothpastes, and their intense whitening treatment, all of which are based on natural arctic lichen. When I went home […]

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