My Favourite Blogs of 2015

My Favourite Blogs of 2015

For me, blogging was a big part of 2015. I got into blogging, and the blogging community a lot more than I did in 2014, and I’m really enjoying it. So I’ve decided to write a post sharing some of my favourite blogs from 2015 to start this year on a positive note.

These aren’t in any particular order by the way, just the scattered thoughts of my brain… prepare yourself for a long list, I’ve tried to separate them into categories: 


  • Pint Sized Beauty – I’m so envious of Lily’s photography. Her photos are clean, crisp and bright, and her blog has quickly become one of my favourites for beauty reviews!
  • Thumbelina Lillie – Megan writes about a lot of things, but I enjoy her beauty posts the most. Plus her photography is fab!
  • From Roses – Another beauty blogger with amazing photos is Rebecca, AKA From Roses. I’m very envious of her gorgeous tattoos, and really enjoyed her recent post about Confidence in Blogging.
  • London Beauty Queen – if you’re looking for in-depth, honest reviews of the latest products, or beauty tips, London Beauty Queen is where it’s at! She also does great Periscopes.


  • Kayla Hadlington – Kayla is a kind of a modern, edgy version of a kawaii pastel princess, and I love her style.
  • Amy Valentine – If I could have the wardrobe of any blogger, it’d probably be Amy’s. I love her grunge-y style, and I lust over her monthly haul videos on YouTube.
  • Mermaidens – Mermaidens is literally the blog of pastel dreams. Her outfits and photos are so beautiful.
  • Briar Rose – Megan is a beautiful fashion blogger who literally looks like a Disney princess, with gorgeous bright red hair, and she does cosplay too!
  • Joli House – Lily Kate is a fashion blogger with great style, and sewing skills that I’m so envious of! I always find myself clicking on her posts when they come up on my Bloglovin’ feed.


  • Dorkface – Jemma blogs about all the colorful, kawaii things I love, she’s hilarious and always up for a chat on Twitter. Plus she set up #TheGirlGang, a lovely community for bloggers, make sure you join it if you haven’t already.
  • Becky Bedbug – Becky writes about so many different topics, which is why I love her blog. I particularly enjoy her book reviews, because I can never decide what to read next.
  • Scarphelia – Katie writes in such an amazing way, her posts are always so deep yet so relatable, and I find myself getting lost in her blog with a cup of tea. I’m also desperate to visit New York because of her.
  • Milk Bubble Tea – Becky’s dreamy photos are to die for. Milk Bubble Tea is one of the cutest blogs I’ve ever seen,
  • What Olivia Did – Olivia’s blog is one of the first I ever followed, and I’m still reading it today. I particularly enjoy her fashion posts, but she also writes about beauty and lifestyle.

Loveliest Bloggers

And now a special mention to the loveliest bloggers I’ve come across. These girls always chat to me on Twitter, and their blogs are fab!

  • Ali Catrin – I hadn’t come across Ali’s blog until quite late on in 2015, but it’s quickly become one of my favourites, and I enjoy chatting to her on Twitter and reading her book reviews.
  • Prompts by Dee – Whenever Dee comes up in my Twitter notifications, she always makes me smile. She’s one of the loveliest people I’ve ever spoken to, and I find her blog posts are relatable and inspiring.
  • Dungarees and Donuts – Olivia is another lovely girl that I connected with through Twitter, and I always read her blog. She writes about so many different topics, and is always there to help if you’re feeling down!
  • Sarah in Wonderland – I feel like I’ve learnt a lot from Sarah’s blog about disability. She writes a lot of personal posts that are inspiring and interesting to read. She’s also another one of the girls I talk to on Twitter.

Of course I love so many more bloggers, but I didn’t want this post to be absurdly long! Who are your favourites?

Thank-you for reading,


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