A little thank-you & a giveaway

27th February 2016

Recently I reached 650 followers on bloglovin, and 600 on instagram, both of which I’m really grateful for (although we all know how much instagram followers fluctuate!). To say thank-you to those who take the time to read my blog, I’ve decided to host a little giveaway of a few beauty things. 

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Laser Hair Removal?

25th February 2016

Whether you’re trying to treat a lot of unwanted body hair or just a little, it’s likely that you’re tired of always waxing or shaving. I certainly am! After all, why bother if the hair is just going to regrow within a week? Of course there are ways now to get rid of hair for much […]

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The Busy B Book Journal

22nd February 2016

I feel like a bit of a blogging failure so far in 2016, but I’ve been so busy with essays, trying to figure out what I’m doing for my dissertation and module choices for next year, as well as uploading to both my vlog channel and music channel on YouTube… but I’m eager to get back […]

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Free Writing.

12th February 2016
Free Writing

  Free Writing Friday 12th February 2016. 1:28am. Recently I’ve been so tired and uninspired, so somebody recommended ‘free writing’. I don’t really know the specifics, but I suppose you just write about whatever comes to mind, so that’s what I’m doing. Even though I’m a ‘blogger’, I often find it difficult to get words out […]

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Amazon Student Kawaii Haul!

2nd February 2016

When shopping on Amazon, the possibilities are endless… books, stationery, video games, music, clothes… My Amazon wishlist is always increasing – you can literally get almost anything you want on there (including all the cute things a girl could dream of), and with a Prime account or Amazon Student, next-day delivery is free! If you haven’t heard […]

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