Going Dark with Under Armour
I’ve mentioned a few times on my blog and in my vlogs that I joined the gym in November and have been going somewhat regularly since then. After a little break when I went home to Devon for a week, then stayed a bit longer because I had a cold, it’s been a little difficult to get back into the swing of going to the gym every other day. Under Armour motivated me by inviting me to join their #GoneDark challenge, which was perfect timing really!

I joined several athletes by ‘going dark’ on social media for 3 days, and spending that time focusing on my physical health and putting ‘sweat before social’. That digital detox was great, and made me realise how much time I spent on Twitter and Instagram, when I could be spending time at the gym, going for walks outside or doing yoga. Staying off Facebook wasn’t difficult for me at all, but I tweet so much and I’m always scrolling through Instagram.

Going Dark with Under Armour
Shock Absorber Sports Bra

Another way to motivate myself to get back into exercising more often was to get some great new gymwear. I bought myself some cute little pink weights from Sweaty Betty to use in my room (which were only £5!), and a black and pink sports bra from Shock Absorber (£17.99), which is a little too small for me but just about fits over my boobs. Under Armour were kind enough to send me a new gym outfit and trainers to get myself going with the campaign, which is perfect because I usually go to the gym wearing an old Aerosmith t-shirt!

 Under Armour t-shirt

I chose the Under Armour HeatGear Short-Sleeved t-shirt in a cute sky blue colour, and the HeatGear Black Capris (£32), both of which fit me perfectly. Both of these products have a Moisture Transport System, which keeps you dry and feels light. The capris are ideal for me, because I can wear them on the treadmill at the gym, but also when I’m doing yoga at home. Side-note: you may have noticed in the picture above that my hair is darker, I dyed it a dark blue-black last night and I’m loving it!

 Under Armour trainers

The trainers I chose are the Speedform Gemini 2 Running Shoes (£110), which look so cute, I love the bright coloured details, and they’re perfect for running and very comfortable. I definitely feel like I fit in at the gym a bit more now I have all the gear, and I cannot explain how amazing my new Under Armour trainers are compared to my old ones!

Make sure you check out Under Armour if you’re looking for new gym outfits or trainers, and have a browse of #RuleYourself and #IWILL on Instagram for motivation.

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Emily*This post isn’t sponsored, but I was sent the Under Armour products through The Cirqle to take part in this campaign.

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