Selling All Of My Clothes?!

Selling All Of My Clothes?!


If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I’ve been shamelessly plugging my Depop over the last few days, because I’m trying to sell a lot of my clothes on there. I have way too many clothes – my wardrobes at home and university are full, along with a chest of drawers, shelves, and even boxes under my bed… so it’s definitely about time I got rid of some clothes, especially the things that I’ve never even worn!

Stupidly, my student halls rent is due before I get my student finance payment, meaning I’m using my overdraft to pay for it, then will have about two weeks without any money, so every pound helps! If you’re a size 6, 8 or 10, or a shoe size 4, please take a look at my Depop! There’s lots of brand new, unworn items, pretty dresses, and accessories too. I still have a huge pile of clothes that I need to take pictures of and upload. The prices are totally negotiable, and of course I’ll combine the postage if you want more than one thing.

Thank-you to the two lovely girls who have already bought a couple of things, and to everyone who has been retweeting on Twitter! My Depop username is @emilyunderworld, I’d appreciate it if you’d take a look, and follow me to catch the new items I upload. If you’ve used Depop or other sites/apps to sell your clothes, any advice would be very welcome.

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  • Laura

    I haven’t sold anything on Depop before, only Ebay. Hope you manage to sell all of your pieces xxx

  • That sucks that your rent is due before your loans come through, good luck selling your clothes, i’ve never used Depop before x

  • Good luck with selling your clothes, I hope you manage to sell all your clothes. I have never heard of Depop before x

  • Isn’t it such a long process selling your clothes? I find it so tedious and then hate when people offer me pennies for an expensive item. Good luck selling yours!

  • Ickle Pickle

    Good for you – I love your style – my daughter would too, but you are not the same size :( Kaz x

  • I’ve never heard of Depop – I take it that it’s similar to eBay? Good luck with all the selling!

  • Melanie Edjourian

    I’ve not heard of them before. Hope it goes well.

  • Helen Clark

    I’ve been doing the exact same thing this week and listing loads of clothes on eBay (I’ve not tried Depop before so will go look at that now) Hope you manage to sell lots and raise the money you need x

  • Elizabeth

    What a great idea to make some money! Good luck with the sales! :)

  • I really need to sell lots of my clothes too, much try Depop!