Cute & Quirky Stationery

Cute & Quirky Stationery


We all love cute & quirky stationery, right?!

It’s nearing exam season now, so it’s time for me to get started with my revision. Thankfully I only have one exam this year, so I can focus entirely on acing that one, but of course I still needed some cute stationery to motivate me. I’m always drawn to quirky, unique things, so I figured I’d write a blog post sharing what I’ve been using recently.

  • Chewbacca Pencil Case. We all need a pencil case, and this one is SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE. I got this for Christmas from my mum, along with a cute set of Star Wars stationery that I’ve been taking to lectures all year.
  • Clipboard to-do list notepad. This is SO helpful for organising my revision, general things I need to remember to do, and blog post ideas. I got this from Paperchase, and it’s magnetic which is cool.
  • Lego-style notebook. I got this from ASDA for £4, it’s perfect for writing notes in and carrying in my bag. The cover is silicone so it’s really soft.

cute & quirky stationery

  • Magnetic pegs. These are from Tiger, and such a cool way to put notes up on my blackboard. I love the funny little phrases they have, like “ignore” and “not-to-do”.
  • Grass pens. I found these on Aliexpress, and couldn’t resist ordering them. I need to get a little jar to put display them in. They’re really comfortable to write with and only cost £1 for 5 of them.

cute & quirky stationery

  • Campervan USB stick. I’ve literally had this for years, I love it. The lights on the front even light up when you plug it in!
  • Pastel coloured rainbow gel pen. is there a cuter way to write notes than with a rainbow ink gel pen? No, not really. It’s even scented, which makes me feel so nostalgic  for those gel pens I had in my childhood.

that lame company stationery

And finally, a little shoutout to That Lame Company, who sent me their awesome motivation postcards, which are making my workspace a little more fun!

Do you have any cute & quirky stationery?
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