The Sky Garden

30th June 2016

I’ve been meaning to visit the Sky Garden in Fenchurch Street for a while now, and I finally got to go yesterday. It’s a literal garden, with a bar, cafe, restaurant, up high in London, with a fantastic view over the city. Did I mention that it’s free?! It can be a challenge to book […]

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10+ Amazing Places for Vegan Food in London

27th June 2016

I’ve been vegan since around February, and living in London means there’s so many places to get vegan food! Over the last few months, I’ve visited many restaurants and cafes that offer vegan food, and some that are specifically vegan or vegetarian, so I’ve decided to compile a variety of my favourites into a big blog […]

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Trying Out Colourpop Makeup

25th June 2016

You may know (because I’ve mentioned it in many blog posts), that bae spent a study abroad year in California and recently got back. He was awesome enough to let me order some Colourpop makeup to his accommodation and brought it all back for me, so I got a bit carried away and ordered a […]

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Jadu Luxury Tea

24th June 2016

It’s been 10 days since I posted a blog, who am I? My boyfriend got back from his study abroad year in California, so that’s my excuse. We’ve been doing fun things like seeing the Book of Mormon on Wednesday, and voting remain in the EU Referendum yesterday. Yay politics. Okay so now for the […]

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My Crazy Hair

13th June 2016

Since starting university last year, my hair has been an array of ‘crazy’ colours, including varying shades of purple, pink and blue dip-dye, even purple and green at one point, then a few months ago I dyed it all a dark navy blue / black. I get bored quickly, and when my brown hair started […]

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