Inside My Bullet Journal

Last week I uploaded a video of my bullet journal to my YouTube channel. It’s one of my most popular videos already, and everyone is being so lovely about it, so I thought I’d take some pictures and write a blog post too. I started my bullet journal halfway through July, so I haven’t had […]

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I wrote in my previous blog post that I’d needed a break from blogging, that I was uninspired, but I was ready to come back and work hard at it. I meant that. However, it’s been 5 days now and I haven’t written a single word. Sometimes life just happens and gets in the way, […]

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  I haven’t posted a blog since the 11th of August. That’s pretty awful, even for me. I’ve been stressing most days trying to find inspiration for a blog post, but maybe I just needed a break. Anyway, instead of waiting for inspiration to come, I’m just going to throw myself into it again and […]

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I’m moving tomorrow! It’s so overwhelming to sort out all of my stuff, but I’m excited too. I’m keen to decorate my new room, and organise everything ready for my final year of university. When I was back home a few weeks ago, I decided to sort out all of my stationery in my vintage school desk, […]

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My Vinyl Collection

I’ve been collecting vinyl for over a year now, and as my collection has recently surpassed 50 records, I thought I’d take some pictures to show you all on my blog! It took quite a while to lay them all out on my bed (and even longer to put them away), but it was totally […]

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