Recently I moved into my final year student house with some friends, so of course I’ve spent days making my room look all cute and organised, ready to go back to uni. We’ve had so much to organise – bills, rent, travel arrangements etc, as well as unpacking, trips to IKEA, followed by building things […]

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kaboompics.com_Abstract shelf full of multicolored books

My ‘to-read’ list is endlessly growing. I’m always shamelessly buying books or browsing Waterstones, despite having almost an entire shelf of books I haven’t read yet sitting at home. It’s bad and I feel guilty. I’ve been reading a lot this year, but recently I’ve found myself overwhelmed with menial tasks like packing to go back to […]

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How is it September already?! Whoa. I’ve spent the last few days sorting out my life, so I’m totally ready for the new academic year (except the fear that my dissertation is going to suck), but it’s sad that the summer is over already. September marks a fresh start for all of us at university, […]

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