One thing that completely slipped my mind when I bought things for university two years ago was a printer. I’d grown accustomed to printing off my A Level work in 6th form for free, so I completely forgot that I might need one. “Use the library”, you might say, but it’s actually quite expensive to print things off at our university library, I always forget to top up my printer balance, and it’s sometimes a pain to drag myself into uni to print something. Most of my university work has to be submitted online, but I find printing out hard copies of essay drafts SO useful, because it stops me staring at computer screens for hours, I find proofreading easier and for some reason I can always spot mistakes better on paper. I also like to have a physical folder of lecture notes, archaeological diagrams etc that I can revise from and write on / highlight. While getting a printer (and ink) can be an expensive purchase for students, it’s definitely a useful investment that’ll last you beyond your university days.

That’s where Epson come in.

I was recently sent an Epson Workforce WF-2750DWF printer to try out and review*, and after a week of playing with it (and printing out more colouring pages with my brothers than I’ll admit), I can honestly say that I’m excited to start my third year of university with my fancy printer on my desk, totally ready to tackle my dissertation.


This is no basic, ordinary printer though – it has all sorts of features like a WiFi connection (no more balancing my laptop on a radiator in my parent’s utility room while plugged in via USB to print out my work), I can use Air Print from my Macbook, and it even has a ‘WiFi direct’ option so that you can print from anywhere using your phone! Furthermore, this printer also has a fax machine, copier and scanner built in, which is totally useful to keep digital or extra physical copies of important documents etc, and if you’re creative like me, scan in artwork to use digitally. The software was very easy to install on my Macbook – I had it all set up in about 15 minutes!


It’s an inkjet printer, but has ‘business-quality duplex printing with laser-like results’, and I am definitely impressed with the quality of everything I’ve printed out so far. The ink cartridges were very easy to just pop in, so I didn’t have any issues there, and XL-sized cartridges are available, which reduces printing costs by 25% (useful for students!). Also, each ink cartridge is separate, meaning you don’t have to replace all of them when the ink runs out, saving more money!


I’ve printed a variety of different things to test it out fully, including colouring pages, a lovely illustrated diagram of a Greek God family tree (which came out beautifully with accurate colours), and some reading I’d been given by my dissertation supervisor, which I printed out double-sided and to my surprise it even printed the highlights I’d made.

For a printer with so many features, the Epson Workforce WF-2750DWF printer is quite compact, it’ll sit nicely in the corner of my desk when I get back to university. It’s very easy to use, and at £68 on Amazon, I can’t recommend it enough. Now I just need to get some photo and sticker paper, to decorate my bullet journal!


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*I was provided with this printer for free in exchange for an honest review.