I was invited down to Leighton’s Opticians in Putney recently for an “ultimate eye exam”. That sounded pretty epic, and I was well overdue an eye test, so I eagerly read up about what the ultimate eye exam would entail, and booked in as soon as I could. A Brief History of My Vision I’ve […]

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This is a bit of a different topic for me, but today I’m talking about fashion. More specifically, the beautiful Italian fashion from Tuscany. I’m Italian on my Mother’s side, currently learning the language and studying the good old Romans at University. In fact, I’m graduating at the end of July and starting a Master’s […]

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Cute Pin Giveaway

You may know that I collect patches for my denim jacket, but recently I’ve been getting more into pins as well. They’re adorable, and easy to add to my leather jacket, because my denim one has literally no room left on it. I definitely need to write an updated denim jacket patches blog post, and […]

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dream home wishlist

We’re moving house! For our Master’s year, my friends and I had originally intended to stay in our current maisonette, until the agency decided to put the rent up. I had a look around Rightmove and quickly realised that for less money, we could get a bigger place with a living room and a balcony, […]

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Giraffe World Kitchen

Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to get invited down to Giraffe World Kitchen in Spitalfields, which has recently been revamped. I’ve not been to Giraffe before, so I was excited to try out their menu, especially the desserts! As you can see from my pictures, it’s a lovely and vibrant place, with a totally […]

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