Giraffe World Kitchen, Spitalfields

19th June 2017
Giraffe World Kitchen

Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to get invited down to Giraffe World Kitchen in Spitalfields, which has recently been revamped. I’ve not been to Giraffe before, so I was excited to try out their menu, especially the desserts! As you can see from my pictures, it’s a lovely and vibrant place, with a totally […]

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Food | London

Big Moe’s Diner, Whitechapel

6th June 2017
Big Moe's Diner

The other night I decided to treat my boyfriend by taking him to a restaurant we’ve been meaning to check out for a while, Big Moe’s Diner in Whitechapel. It’s just a short bus journey from where we live, right next to Aldgate East station. Oh boy, we were impressed. Big Moe’s is an amazing […]

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Lifestyle | London

The London Beatles Store

1st June 2017
London Beatles Store

Hi! Long time, no blog! I’ve been a bit MIA this past month due to final year exams, but they finished a few days ago so I’m freeeeee! (…except for working 5 days a week, and starting my Master’s degree in September…) Anyway, I’ve got lots of blog posts coming up in June, and hopefully […]

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Positive Changes I’m Making

4th May 2017
Positive Changes I'm Making

Positive Changes I’m Making Hi! I had my first final year exam yesterday, and it went pretty well, so hopefully all the studying has paid off. I had a wander around the V&A Museum afterwards with my Grandad and his brother, which was a nice stress-free way to spend the afternoon. If you’ve not been, […]

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My Instagram was Hacked

26th April 2017
My Instagram was Hacked

My Instagram was Hacked. I’ve had a month away from blogging for various reasons (tl;dr: i’ve been really busy), and this was not the blog post I’d had planned for my return. I’ve got a blog post all written up and ready about what I’ve been up to this month and my new hair thanks […]

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