How is it February already?! Scary. A few blogging gals I know have recommended updating old blog posts and re-sharing ‘evergreen’ content, so I’ve been going through some old posts, fixing broken links and updating some images – general admin shizzle. I’ve still got a long way to go, but today I’ve decided to share 20 […]

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How on earth is it even 2017, let alone the end of January 2017?! Why does life fly by so quickly since I’ve come out of my teenage years? Scary stuff. Today I’ve decided to share a little list of good things that happened in January, amidst the stress of university life, trying to pay bills/rent, […]

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Good evening, today’s blog post is all about stickers, yay! Over the past few months I’ve been a little obsessed with my bullet journal and planner, so of course I’ve been collecting lots of cute stickers to decorate them with. I’ve been so late on the bandwagon with Etsy, but oh boy I went a little […]

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