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Amazon Student Kawaii Haul!

2nd February 2016

When shopping on Amazon, the possibilities are endless… books, stationery, video games, music, clothes… My Amazon wishlist is always increasing – you can literally get almost anything you want on there (including all the cute things a girl could dream of), and with a Prime account or Amazon Student, next-day delivery is free! If you haven’t heard […]

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Pinterest Power | Book Review

4th July 2015

I’ll start off by saying that this book was written in 2012, which I kept in mind while reading it, as some things said are a bit irrelevant now (especially as Instagram is the latest big social media site). I won a copy (and another book about Google+, which I’m currently reading) last year as part of […]

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The only app you need for Instagram ?

17th June 2015

Today I’m sharing the only photo editing app you need for Instagram (except the Instagram app of course). As I mentioned in my Life on Instagram post last week, I’ve been really into editing my photos and sharing them on my Instagram page recently. I was previously using a combination of different editing apps that […]

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Beautiful Floral Typography DIY

9th June 2015
Beautiful Floral Typography

  I came across a website through the “Internet is Beautiful” SubReddit called Blossom Type, and I just had to share it on here.  As you can see from the image above, Blossom Type is a website where you can type messages in beautiful floral text and send it to someone, download it (I’m using mine as a wallpaper!), or […]

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The Netflix Tag!

27th May 2015
The Netflix Tag

  The Netflix Tag! As I mentioned yesterday, my MacBook charger broke and I’m waiting for a new one to arrive, so I can’t transfer and edit any of my dslr photos for the blog posts I have planned. So I’m improvising today and decided to do the Netflix Tag, using some of the pics […]

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