As you probably know, it was Black Friday yesterday, and everyone (myself included), spent far too much on things we don’t need, along with some Christmas presents for family/friends to ease our spending guilt… Just me? Okay then. I figured it was perfect timing to share some of my best money saving tips for students (I’m […]

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Student Image Comp

We all need a bit of help while at university, and a lot of us in the blogging community are students, so I’m excited to host a student-y giveaway! Allison Handling have provided an ‘ultimate student pack’ of totally useful things for your student home, which includes a 16gb USB stick and more. What’s in the […]

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How To Survive Your First Student Home

I don’t know about you, but I had a few surprises when moving from student halls, where everything is included in one bill, to living in my first student home this year. Electrical Safety First* got in touch, asking if I’d share their infographic on surviving student homes, which is perfectly timed, as I’ve been […]

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Self-care is important, especially when you start university, where it can be hard to look after yourself, eat the right foods and get enough sleep, combined with sharing a living space with other students. Fresher’s flu is a real thing! I’m a third year, and I’ve had fresher’s flu for the past week – it […]

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