Recently I moved into my final year student house with some friends, so of course I’ve spent days making my room look all cute and organised, ready to go back to uni. We’ve had so much to organise – bills, rent, travel arrangements etc, as well as unpacking, trips to IKEA, followed by building things […]

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I’m moving tomorrow! It’s so overwhelming to sort out all of my stuff, but I’m excited too. I’m keen to decorate my new room, and organise everything ready for my final year of university. When I was back home a few weeks ago, I decided to sort out all of my stationery in my vintage school desk, […]

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Last year most of the things I got for my university halls room were from George @ ASDA, because their home section sells cheap but cute stuff. This year my halls room has a bigger bed (yay!), so I needed to get a new duvet cover and ended up getting some other things too…

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