Elvis at the O2 ♫

I’m writing this blog post on my phone because my MacBook charger has died (again). Thankfully I uploaded a few pics before that happened, not all of the ones I wanted to show you, but that’ll just have to do. Everyone knows I’m a massive fan of Elvis Presley – I have tons of his music on cd/vinyl, dvds of concerts, my bedrooms at home and uni are both covered in posters of him, and I have a ridiculous amount of other Elvis merchandise. (I am a weirdo). So of course I had to go and see the ‘Elvis at…

Awesome Graphic T-shirts from Uniqlo

Whilst browsing Mallzee, the fashion app I wrote about the other day, I came across an awesome collection of Avengers graphic t-shirts from the brand Uniqlo. For £12.90 each, I couldn’t resist getting myself one (the last item of clothing I’ll buy for myself before the summer, I swear!).  I also had a browse through Uniqlo’s kids section, and found some pretty cool Star Wars t-shirts,  so I picked some up for my little brothers, who are coming to visit me tomorrow.

Adorable Iron-on Patches!

Aren’t these just the cutest?! I recently came across Jennie Maizels iron-on patches, and I couldn’t resist picking up a few. I’ve never seen cute patches like these before and I wanted to add some pretty ones to my denim jacket, which is otherwise covered in Elvis and Nirvana. 

5 Years of Topshop Beauty: Beguiled Lipstick

5 Years of Topshop Beauty: Beguiled Lipstick Hello! I was intending on posting this a few days ago, but figured I should spread my blog posts out a bit more! Anyway, recently Topshop celebrated 5 years of their beauty line by releasing a limited edition collection of popular products in cute rose gold packaging. I’ve never tried Topshop beauty before (shock horror), so I decided it was about time! I particularly wanted to try one of their lipsticks because I’ve heard so much about them, so I picked out Beguiled, a gorgeous wine red.

Dr Seuss Stationery ☺

Okay, so I was a bit keen and already bought some stationery for my second year of uni in September. I just finished my exams, and had nothing to do so I went shopping in T.K Maxx and couldn’t resist these cute notepads. 

Tinder for Fashion ♡

  Oh hey there! I feel like I haven’t set aside any time for blogging in forever, because of my university exams. They’re finally over now, so I’m excited to start blogging again properly. Today I’m writing about my favourite app for fashion, Mallzee. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might be feeling de-ja-vu, because a while back I wrote a post explaining what Mallzee is and why I love it (back when my blog was called La Carmella). 

Alice in Wonderland Nails! ♠

I can’t get enough of these Alice in Wonderland nail decals! I mentioned them in my Aliexpress post, but I didn’t show them on my nails or anything, and I thought they deserved their own review. I haven’t had much experience with nail art (except those glitter / crackle top coats you can buy, if that even counts), so I didn’t really know what to expect from these. For just over £1, I wasn’t bothered if they were crap, but I was pleasantly surprised! As you can see from the pictures, I got sent loads of different Alice in Wonderland designs, varying from…