Alice in Wonderland Nails! ♠

I can’t get enough of these Alice in Wonderland nail decals! I mentioned them in my Aliexpress post, but I didn’t show them on my nails or anything, and I thought they deserved their own review. I haven’t had much experience with nail art (except those glitter / crackle top coats you can buy, if that even counts), so I didn’t really know what to expect from these. For just over £1, I wasn’t bothered if they were crap, but I was…

Penguin “Little Black Classics”

Penguin “Little Black Classics” This is my first blog post since changing my blog name! It feels weird, but awesome. Anyway, I briefly mentioned in my book giveaway blog post that I ordered a load of the new Penguin “Little Black Classics”. Penguin have released 80 classic books for only 80p each to celebrate their 80th anniversary. Did I mention that they’re only 80p?! Insane.  I would probably order all of them if I could, but for now I decided to…

Penguin Platform & YA Fiction Giveaway! ♡

I was recently introduced to Penguin Platform, an awesome online community across social media for young adult readers like myself. Penguin Platform provide book recommendations for teens, interviews with authors and other exclusive and fun book-related content. I was also given the opportunity to hold a book giveaway on my blog! 

My experience with Aliexpress

Aliexpress is a somewhat controversial website similar to eBay. They sell *very* inexpensive items from China, such as clothes, stationery and cute kawaii toys. I’ve seen several wishlist posts from bloggers featuring items from Aliexpress, but I’ve never seen a review, which made me slightly sceptical of the quality of products and the reliability of receiving items from sellers. I decided to go ahead and order a few items from my wishlist to see how long they would take to…

Cute Accessories from Prairie Charms

Cute Accessories from Prairie Charms! Yesterday I received the most adorable package in the post: a mystery bag from Prairie Charms, a handmade accessories boutique. The mystery bag cost me only £5 plus delivery, and everything I got was really cute! 

My watch was less than £2?

I’ve seen several blog posts about the ‘map watch’ that everyone seems to have right now, and I really wanted to get a similar one. I had a look on eBay and found it for only £1.59 with free delivery! They have several other designs, and I fell in love with the butterfly one. You can also choose the watch strap colour from white, black or brown. As it came from China, the watch took a few weeks to arrive, but I…

I got a scrapbook!

It seems like everyone and their mum has a scrapbook, and I’m totally following the trend. I’ve wanted a scrapbook for a while, especially since starting University, so I can keep track of my pictures and memories. Project Life is probably the most popular scrapbook right now, but I wanted to get a more customisable / traditional journal-style scrapbook. I’ve been looking for the perfect scrapbook for me, and thanks to Aleelily, I came across La De Dah.