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  • Fugglers: The Funniest & Ugliest Toys!

    Fugglers: The Funniest & Ugliest Toys!
  • Self-Improvements I’d Like To Try

    Self-Improvements I’d Like To Try
  • My Top 3 London Markets*

    My Top 3 London Markets*
  • Wicked! with Encore Tickets

    Wicked! with Encore Tickets
  • 3 Reasons to Learn a New Language

    3 Reasons to Learn a New Language
  • How to Stay Fit and Healthy as a Student

    How to Stay Fit and Healthy as a Student

The Best Areas to Live in Nottingham: A Student Guide

While I love to share my experiences with student life, this blog is very London-centric. This guest post appeared in my email inbox recently, and I thought it would be great to share it with you. I’ve never visited Nottingham personally, but if any of you live there or are planning to go to university there, I hope this guide is useful! The Best Areas to Live in Nottingham: A Student Guide. Students residing in Nottingham live in all parts of the city, but some areas are more popular than others due to their close proximity to Nottingham Trent University…

Dream Garden Wishlist

*this is a guest post Brief intro from Emily: A long, rambly post about where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to is coming very soon (hopefully tomorrow), but today is something much more lighthearted. Since moving to London 4 years ago, the one thing that has been missing from each of my homes is a garden. I’m lucky enough to live right by Victoria Park and Regent’s Canal, but it’s not the same as having your own garden. One of the highlights of going back to Devon in the summers is how lovely it is to spend time…

New Year, No Smoking: Vapes with Flavour Boss!

Happy New Year! Today’s blog post is all about some vape products I’ve been trying out from FlavourBoss over the last month, so whether you’re a vaper, a smoker, or just curious, keep reading for my thoughts. If you do smoke, what better time to quit than the New Year? I have never personally been a smoker, but several of my friends are. I often like to bring along a vapouriser with nicotine-free liquids when we go out, because it gives me something to do when they smoke, and the flavours are fun! Originally, FlavourBoss had planned to send me…

How to Prepare for Your First Ever Job

You’ve done it. You’ve graduated. You’ve got a degree. You’ve landed a job too. It was all worth it, all those hours and hours of study and work, all that stress, and you’re ready to go out into the big, wide world as a fully functioning adult. Only, if you’ve never had a job before, the whole idea of doing just that can be daunting. It’s okay though; this list of tips on how to prepare for your first ever job will help you to step through the door on your first day full of confidence and excitement. Be on…

Depression and Anxiety Amongst University Students

Today I’ve got a guest post about depression and anxiety in university students, which is very applicable to a lot of us (myself included). I’ve tried propanolol for anxiety, and I’m currently havign CBT for low self-esteem and derealisation, which have mostly been caused by stress from university / trying to survive in London. I honestly know very few people at university who don’t suffer from anxiety, depression, or both! Keep reading to find out some advice on how to cope. Did you know that many university students suffer with anxiety and depression while they are in school? And a…

How to Be Ready for the Real World After You Graduate

Today’s guest post is full of great advice for graduates. I graduated this year, but as I’m doing a masters’ degree (followed by potentially a PhD), I haven’t entered the ‘real world’ yet. Many of my friends are struggling as graduates at the moment – it’s hard to find graduate-level jobs that don’t also require years of experience. Soon enough I’ll be in the same boat, so here’s some advice that I hope is helpful for you… and future me! I hate most of my graduation photos, but here’s one of me walking across the stage, and above I’m with…

Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Palette First Impressions

Happy Sunday! Today I have a lot of studying to do, reading for my lecture tomorrow, and I’ve decided to bake some cupcakes with the kids I tutor next door, because it’s their birthday tomorrow (they’re twins). However, I’ve found a little bit of time to play with my new makeup… I recently won a Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Eyeshadow Palette, thanks to the lovely Emma Inks, which arrived this week. I’ve been at uni and work all week, so I haven’t really had a chance to have a look at it… until today. FYI: I’ve never had…

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