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  • The Right Steps To Take After A Traumatic Experience

    The Right Steps To Take After A Traumatic Experience
  • How to Plan a Sophisticated Getaway with Friends

    How to Plan a Sophisticated Getaway with Friends
  • Fugglers: The Funniest & Ugliest Toys!

    Fugglers: The Funniest & Ugliest Toys!
  • Self-Improvements I’d Like To Try

    Self-Improvements I’d Like To Try
  • My Top 3 London Markets*

    My Top 3 London Markets*
  • Wicked! with Encore Tickets

    Wicked! with Encore Tickets

How to Be Ready for the Real World After You Graduate

Today’s guest post is full of great advice for graduates. I graduated this year, but as I’m doing a masters’ degree (followed by potentially a PhD), I haven’t entered the ‘real world’ yet. Many of my friends are struggling as graduates at the moment – it’s hard to find graduate-level jobs that don’t also require years of experience. Soon enough I’ll be in the same boat, so here’s some advice that I hope is helpful for you… and future me! I hate most of my graduation photos, but here’s one of me walking across the stage, and above I’m with…

Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Palette First Impressions

Happy Sunday! Today I have a lot of studying to do, reading for my lecture tomorrow, and I’ve decided to bake some cupcakes with the kids I tutor next door, because it’s their birthday tomorrow (they’re twins). However, I’ve found a little bit of time to play with my new makeup… I recently won a Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Eyeshadow Palette, thanks to the lovely Emma Inks, which arrived this week. I’ve been at uni and work all week, so I haven’t really had a chance to have a look at it… until today. FYI: I’ve never had…

My Favourite Museums in London

Yesterday my MA archaeology class took a trip to the Petrie Egyptian Archaeology musuem at UCL, and it was so wonderful that it has inspired today’s blog post about my ‘favourite museums in London’. Most tourists flock to Kensington for the Science Museum and Natural History Museum, but perhaps I’ll give you a few ideas for some other amazing museums in the city! The Petrie Egyptian Archaeology Museum, UCL They don’t have much space, but they have some pretty amazing artefacts that are literally thousands of years old. It’s free to go, and while UCL is a bit of a…

5 Things I’m Looking Forward To

I won’t lie, November has been pretty awful. It’s rainy and cold and I’m tired. Greek class is getting me down because it’s so hard, and I’m now stressing about trying to get my essays written before Christmas. On top of that, I was only given three days at work this month, and four days in December, which just isn’t enough money to live, let alone buy Christmas presents. I feel like I’ve done nothing this month except worry and try to study, so it’s time to focus on some positives. Gorillaz. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Gorillaz for a…

My 7 Favourite Teas!

It’s no secret that I love tea. I have a ridiculous tea collection, thanks to my lack of self-control in supermarkets, and the awesome Teatourist subscription box. I have all different kinds of tea; green, black, rooibos, fruit, herbal… it’s a bit of a problem, and takes up a whole shelf of my cupboard. So here are 7 of my favourite teas… why 7? I don’t know, it’s supposed to be lucky.   #1) Yorkshire Tea Yorkshire tea is definitely an essential. It’s the only tea that Ollie will drink, and the one I have most frequently too. I love…

Planning the Ultimate Housemate Holiday!*

Apologies for the influx of holiday-themed blog posts, but I guess I’m just in the mood to get away from cold and rainy November London. I promise I’ve got one of those deep-and-meaningful 5am thoughts blog posts coming up soon, so prepare yourselves for that mess. Anyway, today is about fun things. I am yet to go on a ‘housemate holiday’ specifically, but I definitely think that having a holiday, or just a short trip with your uni friends helps with bonding so much. I’ve been to Rome, Delphi, and Athens with my archaeology class, which were not only amazing,…

Motorhome Holidays for Beginners: Things You Need to Know

Today’s guest post is something a little different, it’s all about motorhome holidays. I can’t say I’ve ever been on a motorhome holiday myself, but you never know! I’m always up for new adventures. I’d absolutely love to own (or rent) a retro-style VW campervan, and tour around Europe or Route 66, that’d be amazing. Perhaps I’ll do it one day. If you’re considering a similar kind of venture, check out the tips below. If you’ve got a driving license (or have a friend / significant other who does), it’d be a great way to travel a lot without planes,…

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