My Windowsill

This may seem a tad random, but strangely enough, I’ve decided to take pictures of my window and what’s on it for today’s blog post… (yeah I’m insane).


My curtains are from Dunelm, and they match my bedding and walls. The bird print is adorable, and duck egg blue is my favourite colour. Dunelm have lots of other items in the ‘duck egg beautiful birds’ collection – I want it all!


My windowsill itself may look a little bare, but my dressing table is directly in front of it, so it’s a bit difficult to reach with my lamp and mirror in the way.

I have an awesome VW camper-van style money-box, an elephant ornament with Christmas lights on it (I really should put this away until December), and my only friend in life (except my dog and the spiders in my room), a really cute little cactus in a decorated pot from Homebase!


I also have two beautifully detailed boxes, one at each end of the windowsill, in which I keep memorable items, some fossils, and other random things. It’s a shame that these are usually hidden behind my curtains, but I don’t really have anywhere else in my room to put them.


The brown box is a sort of “pirate” theme, with a map print, and the green one depicts an Oriental style, with a gorgeous print inside. Both of these I received as gifts several years ago so I don’t know where they’re from.


Well, wasn’t that exciting?!

Thanks for reading my random nonsense.