I’m going to University in less than two weeks, so I’ve been buying a few storage items for my room in halls. I love the look of Muji makeup organisers, and everyone seems to be obsessed with them right now. Muji is a bit pricey for me, soI found a similar one on eBay for only £4.64 with free delivery!


Clear Plastic Makeup Storage

As this storage is supposed to hold lipsticks, some of my mascaras don’t fit perfectly, but that’s okay!

This storage container is intended to hold 24 lipsticks, but I don’t have anywhere near that amount, so I’ve added my mascaras, lipglosses, lipbalms and a few other products to fill up the spaces. I’ve also got a small set of drawers to store my other makeup products like blushes and eyeshadow.


Clear Plastic Makeup Storage

I am really happy with this makeup organiser, it will definitely prevent my makeup becoming a jumbled mess when I get to Uni. I have also bought some storage for my stationery, but I’m still waiting for that to arrive, hopefully I get it in time!

What do you think of these trendy clear plastic storage containers for makeup?

Thank-you for reading,