The Graze Breakfast Box

I’m sure everyone and their mum has heard of Graze boxes; healthy snacks delivered in little boxes straight to your door, but did you know that they also do Breakfast Boxes?

My boyfriend and I decided to try Graze, because we got a coupon code for a free chocolate box (which was delicious), and then had a quick browse around the website for other boxes. I decided to try a one-off (no subscription) breakfast box because I like trying different types of cereal, and the 20 varieties they have looked so yum!


I received the box yesterday, and I am really happy with the 4 varieties of cereal that I got! I couldn’t resist the Banoffee porridge (I ate that this morning), and I can’t wait to try the Strawberries & Cream flavour. One of my friends said that the Rugged Maple & Pecan Granola is delicious, so I hope I’ll enjoy that too. Mango Lassi doesn’t look like something I’d enjoy, but I’m sure my boyfriend will eat that one!

This box was worth £3.99, but I got it for £2.99 because Graze do discounts and offers for their customers now and again. I also got sent a coupon code to give out to friends so that they can try a box for free: 2HNJRKX9. It’s a win-win because if you use the code, I also get a free box! If you already use Graze, you can also use the code to get an extra box for free if you buy a breakfast box.

Thanks for reading,