The Topshop Playland!

The Topshop Playland

During the weekend before last, Topshop in Oxford Circus was transformed into a “Playland” with lots of games and free snacks. I was in Oxford Circus browsing the Motel Rocks sample sale (which was awesome, I’ll show you what I got tomorrow!), and I couldn’t resist a quick wander around Topshop to see what the Playland was all about.

The games looked pretty fun; the main attraction was the massive claw game in the front window, and there was one of those hammer games on the men’s floor, where the men were crowding around to see who could hit the highest score. I didn’t have a go on any of the games myself, but the prizes were great! There were extra games for those who had spent I think around £25 in store, including a fashion fortune teller.

The Topshop Playland

I was more interested in the snacks (I skipped lunch and was starving), so I was so happy when I got given some candyfloss (which I ate immediately), a bag of popcorn and a lollipop (I managed to get these home and take a quick picture before scoffing them). They also had Slush Puppies, and ice-cream apparently, but I couldn’t find any, but I did get some cute stickers, so I’m not complaining!

The Topshop Playland

After all the free goodies I received, I felt obliged to purchase something, and I spotted this purple nail polish for only £3! This colour is called Movie Star, and is described as pink on Topshop’s website, but it’s definitely more of a metallic purple.

I foolishly didn’t take many pictures, but if you’re interested, check out the Topshop photo album on their Facebook. Right now, there’s a popcorn game on Topshop’s website, which is a bit addictive – share your score with me on Twitter.

Did you visit the Topshop Playland?


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