I came across Clo Clo London on Twitter the other day, where they were advertising a sale. I clicked onto their site to have a browse and realised that they were selling a ton of cute jewellery pieces for only 1p! Yes, one single penny

You could only order 5 items from the penny sale, which is fair enough because otherwise people would just order everything! Postage was £3, so I figured I may as well get some things to review, and I picked out the 5 things I liked the most.


Everything came packaged so beautifully and with a cute card with tips on keeping your jewellery looking ‘fabulous’. Something from them would make a great little gift to a friend!


My favourite pieces are the two rings I ordered. The silver anchor one fits perfectly on my middle finger, and the little gold one fits above the knuckle on my little finger. I’m not sure how long the coating will last, but they were only 1p and look cute at the moment!


I can’t really wear earrings that aren’t gold / silver / hypoallergenic, but I decided to choose some cute pairs for occasions where I wouldn’t have them in for long. The feather ones are lovely, although a lot bigger than something I’d normally wear. I love the silver ones, but as you can see in the picture, the left one is a lot brighter/clearer than the right one, but that probably won’t be noticeable when I wear them.


Finally, this set of silver bangles caught my eye. They’re slightly big for my small wrists, but they don’t fall off, so I can still wear them! I still can’t believe each item was only 1p, and they all came wrapped up like presents! Clo Clo London have some lovely pieces, particularly love their statement necklaces! The penny sale has ended now, but they have a 50% off sale for the summer.


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