Did you know I create fonts?

Free Handwritten Fonts by Emily Underworld


I’m pretty sure I haven’t mentioned this in a blog post before (with the exception of my About Me page), but did you know that I create free handwritten fonts?

They aren’t the bestbut a while back I decided to get a graphics tablet and make a few handwritten fonts. I’d completely forgotten about them, until I checked my DaFont page a while ago and realised that the 5 fonts I uploaded had over 65,000 downloads! Pretty cool huh?

I definitely want to work on creating more handwritten fonts, and improving the quality of them – I’m not an expert yet, but these are a start!

La Carmella font

La Carmella is the first font I made, using a pen and paper with MyScriptFont (which anyone can use for free!). The process of doing this is easy, but I prefer making my own fonts with a graphics tablet, because you can tweak and perfect them!

LC look with your heart font

LC Look With Your Heart is a cute Valentine’s-themed font with little hearts drawn around the letters. This is the most popular font I’ve made – it’s had over 32,000 downloads so far!

LC Daisy font

LC Daisy is a simple handwritten font with a cute little daisy on the ~ key! The ‘LC’ in these fonts stands for La Carmella, as a little homage to my first font!

LC scribbles

LC Scribbles was definitely the most fun to make. It’s a messy handwriting, similar to many other fonts, but I wanted to create my own version!

The fifth font I’ve uploaded is one I made from my little brother’s handwriting! It’s called Ned’s Writing. I’ve made a few other fonts that haven’t been uploaded yet because I’m still improving them, but I thought I’d share the ones that have been lingering on my DaFont page since 2013! You can head over there to download them for free.

All the best,
- Emily

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