Usually I write a ’10 things that made me happy’ post each month, but to be completely honest I couldn’t think of 10 things this month. I spent most of October doing uni work (4 essays & an art commentary), but I cheered up by the end of the month because I went home during reading week and it was my birthday on Halloween!

  1. My Birthday / Halloween.

    Okay so this was the last day of October, but it still counts!! I went home for a few days, then returned to London on Friday ready to spend Halloween, which was my 20th birthday, with my friends and flatmates. We went clubbing on Friday night, then had a party on Saturday, it was so much fun.

  2. We got a puppy!

    My parents decided to get a puppy, and he’s so cute! They called him Woody, and he’s a border terrier like Will, our other dog. Check out my Instagram for lots of pictures of him!

  3. Reaching a few blogging milestones.

    Over this past week, I’ve reached 700 Twitter followers, 400 Tumblr followers, and 300 Instagram followers! It’s pretty exciting, and even though I don’t usually worry about numbers, but I’ve been feeling pretty down about my blog recently and this definitely cheered me up!

  4. The Bloggers’ Haunted London Pub Tour.

    On Friday the 30th October, I got to attend the Haunted London Pub Tour with a few other bloggers. It was organised by Lauren from Blonde Vision, and I had a lovely time with some lovely people. I was the only one dressed up because I was heading to a halloween party afterwards, but after a few drinks I didn’t mind!

  5. Joining the gym!

    Last month I started running around the nature reserve near where I live, but now the clocks have changed it’s too dark to run after uni (and too cold). So I’ve used my birthday money to pay for a membership for the gym next to my accommodation, and I’m excited to start going with my friend and get fitter.

Thanks for reading,