As university is getting a bit stressful at the moment, with essay deadlines, module choices, dissertation proposals (ahh!) and looming exams, I’ve been trying my hardest to not get overwhelmed by radiating positivity and organising my life. My blog has been a bit neglected this month because I’ve had to prioritise university things, but classes end on Friday so I’ll have a bit more free time soon (except the fact that I need to write 4 more essays and revise for 2 exams).

Anyway, I’ve been keeping a little list of things that I’m grateful for recently, and what has made me happy, which I thought would be a nice, positive thing to post on the blog. So keep reading for 10 things that have made me happy recently!

  • Roman Art & Archaeology class. It has been my favourite module this year, it’s really interesting, the people in my class are lovely, and we got to go to Rome in December! Tomorrow is the final lecture, which is sad!
  • Vinyl Records. I love music, and my collection has gotten pretty big. My vinyl record collection is my most-viewed YouTube video and I recently uploaded a new record haul.
  • Spring Sunshine. The weather is still a bit temperamental at the moment, but these sunny days have been glorious.
  • Nintendogs! When I’m not at home, I miss my dogs so much! It’s kinda sad, but I love playing Nintendogs on my 3ds when I’m stressed…
  • Learning Italian. As I study the Romans, and I’m part Italian, I’ve decided to try learning basic Italian. I can’t recommend Duolingo enough, it’s free and so good!
  • Getting lost in a good book. I’ve been reading a lot recently, especially on the bus to uni. I particularly loved Rebel of the Sands, which I’ve reviewed on the blog.
  • Drinking with my friends. I’ll be honest, I’ve been out with my friends wayyyy too much recently, approximately 3 times a week this semester! We’ve all had such a great time though, especially on Saturday night when we went to Zigfrid von Underbelly in Shoreditch and drank far too many cocktails.
  • Green tea with honey. A nice cup of green tea with a little honey in has become my favourite thing to have when I’m studying at home, or hungover!
  • Potential trip plans with friends. Disneyland & Amsterdam are both on the cards at the moment, both of which will be awesome if we sort out the arrangements.
  • Excitement for the summer with my boyfriend. You may know that my boyfriend has been in California for the academic year, so the fact that he’s coming back in June is so exciting. I’ve made lots of plans already, including getting Book of Mormon and Suicide Girls tickets, and we’re thinking of going to a festival too like last year.

What has made you happy recently?

Thanks for reading,