Cute Disney & Star Wars Stuff!


Okay so I have a friend called Zach, and he is an utter BABE. His mum works for Disney, so when he went home recently, he said he’d bring me back some Disney / Star Wars stuff. I got really excited (of course because I’m obsessed with Disney and Star Wars), but I wasn’t expecting anywhere near the amount of things he got me! So the blogger inside me was like “you have to blog about this”, and here we are.

Everything came in an adorable Frozen ‘Keep Calm and Let It Go’ bag, and I’m completely overwhelmed by tsum tsums and other cute things. I love the tsum tsum phone game, but I’ve always restrained myself from buying them (especially as I’ve started a Pop Funko collection), but now I can tell I’m going to get addicted!


Look at all the Star Wars cuteness! I got 4 tsum tsums, including Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Leia and Jabba the Hut, which are so perfect for starting my collection. I also got a Force Awakens pin, which is already on my denim jacket, and best of all, an adorable Yoda 8GB Usb stick!


He asked what my favourite Disney film was other than Star Wars, so of course I said Tangled. Now I have some Tangled tsum tsums, including Rapunzel, Mother Gothel, Max (the horse), and two Pascals – a normal one, and one where he’s dressed up in a Rapunzel dress. The flowers in Rapunzel’s hair are so cute.


Lastly, I got three other Disney tsum tsums – Captain America (yay Marvel!), Lady from Lady and the Tramp, and Jiminy Cricket, along with a cute Tinkerbell keyring.



I’ve got the tsum tsums all stacked up next to my Pop Funkos, I just need to get three more to make a proper pyramid… I wonder if they do Alice in Wonderland ones

I’m SO grateful to my friend Zach and his Mum for all of these cute Disney and Star Wars things, and for starting my tsum tsum collection!

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