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How is it June already!? It feels like I only finished my exams yesterday, but it’s been a week now and still haven’t published a blog post…

I spend a lot of my time in Camden, it’s an awesome place filled with awesome people, quirky shops and far too many tourists. I like to think I dress a little bit ‘alternative’, usually with little tennis skirts, Star Wars t-shirts and knee-high socks, with my patched denim jacket, and of course my hair is always brightly coloured. Due to this, sometimes people look at me a bit weirdly, unless I’m in Camden or Shoreditch or another area filled with students, but generally, I get compliments about my hair matching my eyes or my denim jacket being ‘cool’. However, one guy in a bar recently said to me “you look like a Camden girl”, in a somewhat disgusted tone, as though that was an insult or something… to which I replied, “yeah mate, I am”. He then proceeded to tell me how he hated Camden, it’s full of “drug addicts and lesbians” according to him, and then had the audacity to offer me a drink, as if I’d even be interested! Of course I then sassily replied “I am indeed a lesbian drug addict so no thanks” and went back over to my friend, and we laughed about it all evening.

That got me thinking though, why do people assume they know everything about you based on how you dress? I happen to like what I wear, and I couldn’t care less if a gross man in a bar thinks it makes me look like a lesbian drug addict from Camden. So here I am, uploading a blog post showing my new Amplified Rolling Stones jumper from Vanilla Underground* that I’ve been wearing pretty much every day recently, while listening to the Rolling Stones of course.


I love how this jumper looks like a typical Rolling Stones jumper from the front (albeit a bit more cool than the standard ones, with the grey marl and grungey faded logo print), but the back is all slashed and open, which is awesome. I did have to cut the label out, because it showed at the top, and I also cut the label out of my bra too, but I love how cool it looks. It’s perfect for this kind of unpredictable weather we’ve been having in London recently! I’m so impressed with the quality of Amplified Clothing, this jumper is wonderful, I definitely want to get more things from them.


My wishlist for Vanilla Underground is getting so long, make sure to check them out for cool music and pop culture merch!

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*I was sent this jumper from Vanilla Underground to review, all opinions are my own.

4 thoughts on “Camden Gal Vibes”

  1. Harriet @ Toby&Roo

    Oh how awful! I think you rock your style – but like the idiot here, my opinion is irrelevant – it’s yours that counts 🙂 H x

  2. Ugh guys like that are the worst. I’ve always seen Camden as a really accepting place so it says a lot about him if he thinks being a Camden girl is an insult! Also, I’m a little bit in love with your hair! It’s so cute and very Melanie Martinez!

  3. I, for one, think you’re quirky and unique! I love Camden and its vibe, and it makes me feel at home, so when people start saying how disguised they are with Camden, I tell them to kindly bugger off and stop hating on something they consider different to their norm. I think the guy saying you’re a Camden Girl is one of the biggest compliments anyone could give you, and I love how you handled the situation!
    (Now you’ve got me missing Camden)


  4. I love your style! It is so wrong how people have to judge. Sometimes though, I think people make comments when they’re jealous or a little in awe. Good on you for telling him where to go though!
    Rebecca | Notes From September

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