Warm Weather Jackets

[This is a guest post from Janet Richards]

It might seem a little counter-intuitive to buy a coat when it’s warm out, but there are some pieces out there that are actually made for this time of year. If you have room in your wardrobe budget—and your closet!—take advantage of a few of these warm weather jacket trends.

denim jacket

Personalized Denim Jacket
Today’s denim jackets are a stylish reinvention of an old classic, and they’re perfect for summers nights spent strolling city streets or campfires on the beach. But to really nail the look, get your denim jacket embroidered. You can add your name it, some fun patches, or both!

“It unites two of our loves–the single most versatile (not to mention, timeless) transitional topper and our somewhat narcissistic obsession with stamping our names on everything,” a Yahoo! contributor wrote. She went on to mention that Emma Roberts made the look work particularly well with a Madewell jean jacket featuring her embroidered initials. Others, such as Diane Kruger and Mandy Moore, have followed suit and looked lovely doing so.

Choose your favorite option and fire up the sewing machine. Or go to a tailor if you’re sewing-challenged.

Side-note from Emily: A lot of you will have seen my patched denim jacket (I have a video on YouTube showing it) – it’s my all-time favourite jacket to wear, and totally on trend!

bomber jacket 3

If a denim jacket isn’t really your thing, a bomber could be a suitable alternative. The new bomber jackets are a redesign of a classic flight jacket. While the original was usually made of leather, and lined with sheepskin, today’s styles are usually made from nylon or softer, more breathable fabrics. This makes them perfect for warm weather wear.

The latest roundup of trending jackets shows the bomber as a favourite among designers of all kinds. There are tons of different styles to choose from, but classic black, blush, and light pink seem to be the most popular colors.

Wear it over a simple top and pair with shorts or pants for an effortlessly chic look.

rain jacket 2

Rain Jacket
Sooner or later, you’re going to have to invest in a proper rain coat. You can’t wear the outer shell of your Columbia from uni forever. A stylish raincoat is a must-have for professional settings in addition to any upscale or formal environments.

Thankfully, raincoats, also known as weatherproof trench coats, stick to a fairly classic design, so it’s rare that they go out of style often. They’re also crafted using high-tech nylon to keep you dry and comfortable in the heat and humidity. A simple wrap design that ties at the waist will still accentuate your curves even through layers of fabric.

Grab one with a hood if you’re tired of carrying around an umbrella. Or, if you prefer the umbrella (sometimes they make a great accessory!), then make sure your raincoat at least has a high collar to protect your neck and hair from the weather when the wind picks up.

You can’t go wrong buying one of these jackets. They’re perfect for the summer, and you’ll still get plenty of use out of them when things get a little chilly. Just make sure you find yours before it’s parka season again.

Thank-you to Janet for this fab guest post, I hope you enjoyed it!
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  1. I have been looking for a decent jacket that I am able to wear in the current weather, I think I’m definitely a fan of the bomber jacket!


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